Bikini Body Ready


This work has developed from some body prints I did in 2018, which was also the first year I had ever used my own body in my work. I had internalized fatphobia that stopped me from taking photos or filming myself ‘incase I looked fat’. It was a big step in my eating disorder recovery and in building a relationship with my body. It is a vulnerable act, to allow strangers and other students to see your naked body, with all its fat and rolls.

I used towels as they are representative of summer days at the beach or lido, when female bodies are most exposed to judgement. As a fat body in a bikini, it is a statement against the expectations that are pushed onto women.  This work is a response to that, a celebration of my own and other fat bodies that embrace existing, and a challenge to those who think we should be ashamed. “Why are you so afraid of being fat? No, I don’t care about your summer diet”.


A big part of my identity is being a fat brown woman. I have been exploring overcoming the fatphobia ingrained in society and the arts through campaigns and community groups. I was recently approached via social media by the Anti Diet Riot Group to be a part of their latest campaign, spreading awareness about the dangers and lies spread by diet culture, and promoting radical self love and body positivity for all ages, genders, sexualities, races and body types. These online communities are crucial to modern day activism, as they open doors and conversations with fewer barriers, allowing movements to be as accessible and diverse as possible.