The Weighted Blanket and The Bloody Sheets

The Weighted Blanked and The Bloody Sheets

A work in progress as part of my MA Contemporary Art Practice course at the RCA. I am creating a visual archive of my medical records, exploring medical biases and barriers encountered in my Endometriosis journey. 

The works main body covers the ages 11-25 years, and documents weight, misdiagnosis, medications and scans. I went private in May 2021 for an MRI scan, and finally got a diagnosis after being discharged by NHS services unknowingly. The work aims to highlight the significant work that needs to be done to better gynaecological healthcare outside of pregnancy, and highlight the lived experience of the discrimination that The Global Majority face within healthcare. 

Themes: Fatphobia, Racism, Sexism, Class, Feminism etc.  

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