Break the Internet 


A print of the artist dressed as Kim Kardashian West, recreating the magazine cover that 'broke the internet'. By hanging this work from a window, it aims to disrupt the natural flow of society, and thus, demand space in a world that oppresses fat women of colour. 


Been having chats about the Kim Kardashian shoot and it’s obvious parallels to Saartjie Baartman’s depiction in historical documents. Obviously as a woman with a large bottom and thighs which are overtly sexualised and fetishised by men, particularly white men, this piece was a comment on that, and aimed to reclaim my fat body from this commentary. My research into Saartjie lead me to focus on the treatment and fetishising of women of colour, specifically fat women of colour, and I neglected the direct connection to slavery that this treatment stemmed from. As a POC with known South Asian heritage through Kenya, I have no known connection to slavery and my ancestors did not experience the brutal and inhuman treatment that Black communities and women like Saartje did. I will be retiring this piece now, and if any fat Black womxn artists would like to adopt it, I would be so happy to help facilitate this!