The Good Period

The Good Period is a performance/installation that took place at the CGP Gallery in Southwark Park January 2019. It explores the frustration of menstruation and how it is treated by mainstream media and society. As a taboo subject I feel that even though it gaining more attention (through tampon tax etc) it is often trivialised by feminine hygiene brands and this is reflected in societies attitudes towards people who menstruate. I wanted to create an explicit piece of work that brings the domestic into the public environment, with acts that most people who menstruate can relate to, especially those who experience reproductive diseases or disorders, where research, healthcare and understanding is limited. Even within the arts, when menstruation is used it is often very controlled and censored, leaving an unrealistic portrayal of a period. As a sufferer of Endometriosis, I haven't found these works to be reflective of my experience, and the disruption reproductive disorders can cause to a person's life.


For this work, I wore white underwear throughout my period whilst using a max flow tampon to document the extent of my bleeding. This was then put on display in a gallery garden, and I performed washing my underwear for the public. The ritual-like cleaning was repetitive and was reflecting how many women and people who menstruate have to change their weeks routine in correspondence with their bleeding.

©2019 by Yasmeen Thantrey